Want to kiss someone? – fulfill it in Avakin life!

In Avakin Life you can date someone and also marry that person.

Well, is the relationship complete without expressing some love? No, it is not.

So here are some ways how you can express love by a kiss or hug to your Avakin partner. Also, Visit avakin life cheats

Make use of the amazing suggestions to keep the relationship with your Avakin partner active and strong.

How to kiss your partner in Avakin life?

  • Both you and your Avakin partner must have the animation for cheek kiss in order to use this trick.
  • Stand next to your partner and choose the cheek kiss animation.
  • When you and your partner activate the cheek kiss animation at the same time the animation of kissing will look lovely.

There are various kinds of kiss available for you and your partner in Avakin life.

You can buy them easily from the Avakin shop. Some of the superb kisses are The MISTLETOE KISS and this is obtainable from the Mystery Box.

You are free to choose the best kiss to express your exclusive and best love for your partner in Avakin Life. All you need to do is just say *kisses (mention the name of your partner)* in the chat.

What to do if you or your Avakin partner do not own the kissing animation?

Here is the workaround for both of you.

Avakin, as you all know is a game of role-playing so you can even perform the kissing action in the chatbox.

If you want to kiss your Avakin life partner then you need to type kisses and follow it with your partner’s username.

This is one of the easiest ways as you don’t need to purchase the kiss animation from a store.  

Smooch your loved one in Avakin life easier because now you are aware of the process of kissing here.

Your virtual partner is going to be joyful and impressed with your love gestures in Avakin life.

You can enhance your relationship to a better place by reaching milestones in multiple relationships.

You can read from the guide about getting married in Avakin life and also have a baby with your virtual partner in Avakin Life!

You need to first ensure you have the permission of the other person to interact in such away.

Many people will get offended and it will be an embarrassing scenario. Not everyone will approve such intimate interactions.

You will not like any random person to hug or kiss you and so you should also follow the same and not show such interactions to people who you do not know well. You can go slow and steady like in real life.

  • You can first dance with your partner – choose from variations like slow dance, waltz, fast dances, etc.
  • Have group interactions
  • Kissing – romantic, kisses on cheek, pecks and passionate kisses
  • Hugging
  • Snuggling and cuddling
  • Piggy back rides
  • Play dice games

There are many things you can do before kissing. So if you want to have real fun with your partner go slow and win their heart. Enjoy the life in Avakin.

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