Fortnite Battle Royale is known to be one of the most well known Battle Royale Games in the entire world, and has become a part of the culture of most players, as this game has millions of players from all across the world, including countries which are heavy on gaming such as North America and South Korea.

Fortnite, being one of the most well known Battle Royales, has a quite avid following, with tournaments being held indeed quite frequently all over the world. Check this site for more information about fortnite. There are many ways to get free vbucks check out this fortnite free v bucks generator .

Like every other online game, Fortnite Battle Royale has two types of in game currency: Standard Currency, which can be earned through a multitude of ways, and Premium Currency, which is noticeably harder to get, though there are ways to get it, if one knows what one is doing.

Below, we will be expounding on some of the most common and simple ways through which one can earn V Bucks (Fortnite’s Premium Currency)).

Something To Know

Something to know is that all of these ways will require you to have the Save the World Mode, which is the original game mode released by the game studio. If one plays it properly, there are many ways to earn V Bucks, which we elaborate on down below.

A Second thing is that none of these ways will work for anybody playing on iOS or Android devices, since Save the World Mode is not available on these platforms. Thus, this article is only for those playing on the Xbox and PC.

  • Play Frequently

This is one of the most unknown tips out there, but being regular with your logins in the Save the World mode can go a long way towards earning you some V Bucks. Epic Games appreciates the loyalty of their players, and you will receive V Bucks on different days, with the earliest being day 11, when you get some V Bucks for logging in.

  • Daily Quests

Daily Quests are some of the most well known ways to earn V Bucks, as each Daily Quest offers a minimum of 50 V Bucks. It can be things such completing this challenge, or killing this number of players with this weapon. Basically, just be sure to complete them every day.

  • Participate in Events

Events are another great way to earn yourself some much needed V Bucks, as playing Events can earn you a whole lot of items, among which V Bucks are just a single thing. Happening weekly, be sure to get into these for the massive rewards.

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