“Technology has made almost everything possible and dragged everything to the virtual platform too.”

And when we talk about gaming, the sentence is worth justified. If anyone remembers the 90s old times, then one must be familiar with the trump cards game where different parameters of a WWE player is depicted and the winner is decided based on those criterion and it was manually played. WWE Supercard is nearly similar to the trump cards, but played on the virtual platform.

WWE Supercard is an amazing game that allows you to enjoy the wrestling with a next level creativity. WWE Supercard is a collectible battle game where a random stack of cards is allotted to you.

These cards consists the info of different WWE wrestlers, divas, legends, and even managers. You have to create your own group of wrestlers to fight your opponent.

Some of the eminent personalities whose picture and characteristics will remain embedded in the virtual cards The Rock, The Kane, Triple X, Gravedigger, Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Tommasa Ciampsa, John Cena,

Undertaker, Seth Rollins, Ronda Roussey, A J Styles, and many more. Once the competitive cards come closer, a clash happens and winner card will only come into existence, others vanish away owing to low strategies.

In an addition, there are provisions of special tournaments where you can get chance to earn awards and rewards. You can battle in Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT arenas.

The more you could survive the game, the higher will be the award points. The amusing sound effects, the lovely animated visual appearance and the iconic graphics makes the game more appealing.

Features :

  • Thousands of cards of WWE superstars, NXT superstars, WWE Legends and WWE Hall of fame Inductees are allotted.
  • The players are allowed to complete in Elimination Chamber and Royal Chamber matches.
  • You can climb the leader boards to earn high rewards.
  • One can also capture the briefcase in money in the bank.
  • There are weekly rotating events where you can earn exclusive cards.
  • You can also participate in open challenges. This will let you earn tickets for big rewards.

To download the game :

  • Simply go to the Google Playstore,
  • Follow the instructions
  • Accept the displayed terms and conditions,
  • And install WWE Supercard game easily.
  • After the game is installed, sign up into it and play uninterruptedly.
  • Bonuses are earned from login only.
  • Top cards can also be grabbed by competing in King of the Rings tournaments.
  • The addictive players are provided with the new features of collecting the new powerful WrestleMania 35 cards which features big WWE superstars like Triple H, Aleister Black, Ricochet, etc.
  • Wonderful new signature move animations are showcased.
  • Offers miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements features for smoother exposure or experience
  • For a smoother in ring experience, it toggles 60 FPS mode on compatible devices.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Grab the game and jump into the squared circular game with rectangular cards. Form your team and crush your competitors in real time PvP and climb the leader boards in terms of strategy. Pass your time creatively by competing head to head with other WWE fans and prove your ability through open in-ring challenges.

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