Fortnite is a popular battle royale online game, in which around hundred players play in different modes like single, in a duo, or a squad game. Weapons are broadcast from the battle bus crossing the game’s map.

After jumping from the airbus, the user have to fight and hunt for guns, objects, resources and even vehicles while trying to survive and attack other players, trying to eliminate them.

Here are some of the leaked and forthcoming avatar skins that will be soon supplemented shortly in the Fortnite Battle Royale game. All these leaked avatar skins can be detected in the source file of the game.

  • Fable

This leaked skin is of a womanly avatar that seems to be motivated by the popular tale The Little Red Riding Hood. The skin is particularly based on the lead hero of the tale and also highlights a girl with dark red braided hair with carrying a red shirt, a red colored skirt, and a sparkling white antiquated shirt. The skin highlights a couple of large boots and a long belt with amazing bad-ass abettors representing a non-fragile warrior who resembles like she has killed dozens of cannibals in her life.

  • Calamity

This western traditional skin highlights a Western Mexican Bandit girl carrying a white shirt. After upgrading the skin of Calamity, it showcases a grey jacket, a spooky traditional cap, and a bandit mask. This outfit of calamity is quite popular due to its amazing style. Each style unhitched adds some characteristics to the skin, wearing a dark leather blazer and with other full gears and equipment. When all characteristics are unlocked, the Calamity highlights a war-ready leather jacket with red gleaming outlines in a cool pattern, a series of ammo, and a brown haze aura that spreads out of the skin.

  • Airheart

This leaked skin highlights a light orange-haired ladylike avatar bearing a blue birdman flyer suit and coffee-colored lowers. The avatar skin also emphasizes spotter sunglasses and appears with a reward back bling called Airflow that closes its excellent look.

  • Bunnymoon

This leaked avatar skin emphasizes a dark red-haired womanly person carrying purple black-striped top and shade and white banded battle lowers. The leaked skin also emphasizes a black rabbit mask. Bunnymoon leaked skin looks well decorated.

  • Deadfire

This leaked skin emphasizes an immortal cowboy who looks ghostly with spooky dark blue skin and lustrous green eyes. The Deadfire leaked skin originally emphasizes a rust-colored cowboy outfit, but will next highlight green cowboy clothes with blue accessories and decals, with brown bandolier and band after killing a character in the battle royale match. This leaked skin also highlights a purple Mexican cowboy helmet and exudes an eerie greenish glow of aura all over the skin. As part of the leaked skin, a reward back bling called Shackled Stone flaps on the avatars back. This is an amazing skin that gets activated just after executing a certain number of Fortnite players during a game. Once initiated the green phantom flares will start to manifest on the player’s skin.

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