NFL 2K3 enters the competition

Like last year, NFL 2K3 will try to find a place in the sun against the all-powerful Madden NFL 2003 . Both titles were released at the same time on PlayStation 2 and Xbox on August 13 in the United States, for a frontal shock that has not yet delivered all its answers.

To get an idea of ​​its magnitude, know that sales of Madden NFL 2002 on PS2 have reached almost 2 million units sold on the US soil alone, since its release.

We understand better why Sega Sports seeks to shake the powerful franchise. Here are some images from the Xbox version.

we need our daily dose of Splinter Cell to shoot at the pixel and see the future in a better light, here are three new images. Despite their staggering size once again (1280×1024), these publisher images would be drawn from the Xbox version.

It does not matter the bottle as long as there is drunkenness, as the cliché says. And in the case of Splinter Cell , he is not wrong the guy. The release of the game Ubi Soft is scheduled for October on Xbox, December on PC. Do not hesitate to consult our zoom for more information on this title.